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Program ATtiny with Arduino IDE

ATtiny devboard is just like an Arduino. But tiny. MicroCore package adds the ATtiny13 processor to your Arduino program.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

artou attiny13 dev board
M5Stack ISP USBasp Programmer (Random Color)
M5Stack ISP USBasp Programmer (Random Color)

Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE
microcore lightweight Arduino core for ATtiny13


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Arduino sketch for ATtiny mcu
runs through several blink sequences
pattern of basic blink example using PB3 and PB4
void setup() {  pinMode(PB3,OUTPUT);    pinMode(PB4,OUTPUT);}
void loop()  {  digitalWrite(PB3,HIGH); digitalWrite(PB4,LOW);  delay(500);
                digitalWrite(PB3,HIGH); digitalWrite(PB4,HIGH); delay(500);  
                digitalWrite(PB3,LOW);  digitalWrite(PB4,HIGH); delay(500);
                digitalWrite(PB3,LOW);  digitalWrite(PB4,LOW);  delay(500);  }


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