FACES Kit is a kit composed of M5Core GRAY, functional keyboards, FACES Base, FACES Charger and some accessories(including DuPont lines, lanyard, M3 fixing screws and so on).

Currently, the functional keyboards are composed of PyGamer, Calculator and QWERTY (For each functional keyboard, it’s integrated MEGA328 chip, so that when you press a button, a corresponding value(hexadecimal format) will be sent from keyboard to M5Core. They(keyboard and m5core) are communicating using I2C. And the I2C address of each keyboard is 0x08.). We’ll add other keyboards to FACES Kit.

You can program it through Arduino IDE or MicroPython. For different applications, you can stack corresponding keyboard on FACES Base and burn corresponding firmware into M5Core.


1.PyGamer keyboard

When create a handheld game, you can stack a PyGamer keyboard over FACES Base straight. And burn a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

2.Caculator keyboard

When create a calculator, you need the Calculator Keyboard. Burn your firmware into M5Core. The button which was pressed will execute the callback specifical function, so the calculator is created.

3.QWERTY keyboard

When your project needs full keyboard input, just to stack QWERTY over Base.

Burn the following example(example function: M5Core and serial terminal will print button you pressed)

4.FACES Charger

FACES Charger built in some magnets. When charging, the FACES can be attached with charger. They are connected by PIGO Pin.

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