Mini Dual Button Unit
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  • Description

    Dual Button, as its namesake, has two buttons with different color. If the Button unit is not enough, how about double it up to a pair. They share the exact same mechanism, button status can be detected by the input pin status,simply capture the high/low electrical level.

    This unit communicates with M5Core through GROVE B port.


    Output status:


    Product Features

    • Program Platform: Arduino, UIFlow(Blockly,Python)
    • Two Lego-compatible holes

    Kit includes

    • 1x Dual BUTTON Unit
    • 1x Grove Cable


    • Game Controller
    • Remote control switch



    1. Arduino IDE

    The code below is incomplete(just for usage). TO get the complete code, please click here.

    #include <M5Stack.h>
    // declaration
    int cur_value_red = 0;
    int cur_value_blue = 0;
    // initialization
    pinMode(26, INPUT);// Red Button Pin setting
    pinMode(36, INPUT);// Blue Button Pin setting
    // read data
    cur_value_red = digitalRead(26);
    cur_value_blue = digitalRead(36);

    2. UIFlow

    To get the complete code, please click here.


    More information




    M5Core (GROVE B) GPIO36 GPIO26 5V GND DUAL_BUTTON Unit Blue Button Pin Red Button Pin 5V GND
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